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Cuddalore District

The Cosmic Dancer's Place

  • Cuddalore is one of the important places in Tamilnadu.
  • The Well Known Ancient Temple is located in Chidambaram, the primary God is Lord Shiva found in Various Natya Pose, the temple is called "The Cosmic Dancer's Place".
  • The district of Cuddalore lies near the east coast of the Bay of Bengal.
  • It was separated from the old South Arcot district and named as Vallalar district and later changed to Cuddalore district.
  • The special district where Vallalar Swamigal Ramalinga Adigalar and Tirupathiripuliyur Adigal, founders of the Samarasa Sanmarka movement, were born. It also boasts of including Thillai, one of the Panchabhuta sites.
  • The old town and new town (Thirupadirippuliyur) are the two large divisions of Cuddalore. These two towns are separated by the river Gedilam. Since the Ancient Period, Cuddalore Old Town found as a seaport.
  • A large number of Industries are found in Cuddalore. NLC (Neyveli Lignite Corporation), brown coal mine, a public sector company located in Neyveli near Cuddalore, more than 2500 megawatts of thermal electricity have been produced here for Tamilnadu.
  • Jackfruit and Cashew Nut Cultivation are more in Panruti at cuddalore district.
  • The famous Annamalai University is located in this district.
  • Cuddalore district has various sites and tourist places including Thiruvaheendrapuram (Tiruvendipuram) Devanathaswamy Temple which is known as a Chinna Tirupati.
  • Cuddalore District is bounded by Villupuram district on the north, Bay of Bengal on the east, Nagapattinam, Ariyalur, district on the south and Perambalur district on the west.

History of Cuddalore

  • Before 2000 years, Cuddalore has done sea trade with Roman Empire.
  • Cuddalore was the first town in Southern India, which was conquered by Europeans directly.
  • Also, Dutch were the first to conquer it, followed by Portugal, France, and Later Britain.
  • Earlier, Cuddalore was known as Kudalur. It got its name because it is the place where three rivers, namely Pannayar, Kedilam, and Paravanar, merge into the sea.
  • It was known as Cuddalore since the British rule, AD. In 1746 it was adopted as the headquarters of the British in South India.
  • The British who came to India to trade bought St. David's Fort in Cuddalore from the Senchi kings.
  • During British rule, Fort St. David was constructed in Cuddalore near Devanampattinam. The port here was established by the British.
  • When the French captured Fort St. George, Madras, they moved their provincial capital to Fort St. David and ruled the southern region of India from this fort.
  • Historical records suggest that the British used the port of Cuddalore extensively for their trade relations with their country, Cuddalore has two main areas, Cuddalore Mudhunagar and Cuddalore Pudhunagar.
  • According to historical records, the city was ruled by the Cholas, Pallavas, Mughals, and the British. It is clear that the Cholas ruled the region by following traditional Saiva religious principles here.
  • Educational institutions started by the British were Manjakkuppam St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School (1868), St. Mary's School (1914), and St.David School (1717) in the Cuddalore district.

Cuddalore District Complete Details

Cuddalore District Information
Total Area 3,678 square Kilometers
Total Population 2,605,914
Male Population 1,311,697
Female Population 1,294,217
Population Density 704 people per sq.km.
Average Annual Rainfall 1050 mm to 1400 mm
Climate Condition 40.3*c Maximum and 20.4*c Minimum
STD Landline Code Cuddalore - 04142, Chidambaram - 04144, Virudhachalam - 04143
Pin Codes 606***, 607***, 608***
Nearest Airport Puducherry Airport (26.3 km from Cuddalore)
Bus Stand Cuddalore Main Bus Stand, Thirupapuliyur, Cuddalore
Railway Station Thirupadiripuliyur Railway Station, Cuddalore Port Junction
Cuddalore District Court Contact Number Cuddalore : 04142 231183, Panruti : 04142 246300, Chidambaram : 04144 225111,
Virudhachalam : 04143 232333, Neyveli : 04142 220875, Tittagudi : 04143 225120,
Parangipettai (Portonova) : 04144-243420, Kattumannarkoil : 04144 262731
Collector Office Phone Number, Email id 04142 230999, collrcud@nic.in
District Health Officer Dial Number, Email id 04142 292952, cuddalore.jdhs@gmail.com
District Education Office Telephone Number 04142 286038
District Employment Office Number 04142 210039
Revenue Officer Phone Number 04142 220492, 230185
Registrar Office Phone Number, Email id 04142 223768, drocuddalore@tnreginet.net
District Taluk List 7 Taluks (Chidambaram, Cuddalore, Virudhachalam, Panruti, Kattumannarkoil, Tittakudi, Kurinjipadi)
Head Post Office Manjakuppam Phone Number 04142 231144
Cuddalore Emergency Helpline Numbers Click Here Cuddalore Emergency Numbers

Coimbatore Famous Tourist Attractions & Places of Interest

Thillai Nataraja Temple Chidambaram
It is famous for having a golden temple where Nataraja, an avatar of Lord Shiva as Ananda Thandavam (lord of dance). The place is also known as Tiruchirappalam and Thillai. It has the honor of being one of the Pancha Budha Temples. It is worth noting that this temple, which is situated on a large land area with four Raja Gopurams, is covered with gold tiles. Another highlight of this temple is the emerald (maragadha) lingam. The temple, which is more than 1300 years old, is located about 80 km from Nagapattinam and 48 km from Cuddalore.

Pichavaram Mangrove Forest
The beautiful forest here and the adjacent water bodies are mind-blowing attractions. Boating is an enjoyable activity around this big forest with islands. There is a government resort and a restaurant here for the touristers. Pichavaram is about 30 mins drive from Chidambaram and Cuddalore.

Tirupathiripuliyur Arulmigu Periya Nayagi Udanurai Paadaleeswarar Temple
This ancient Shiva Temple is located in Tirupathiripuliyur at Cuddalore District. The song about this temple and lord Shiva by Navukarasar and Gnana Sambandhar is special. The Pitariyamman shrine here is also famous and Brahmotsavam is specially celebrated.

Bhuvanagiri Raghavendra Swamy Temple
Bhuvanagiri, the birthplace of Sri Raghavendra, is situated at a distance of about 7 kms near Chidambaram in Cuddalore District.

Thiru Arutpragaasa Vallalaar Dheiva Nilaiyam
The birth place of Arutperunjyothi Ramalinga Swamigal. The prayer hall built by him is proud of being over 100 years old. It is said that the lamp lit by Vallalar is kept burning here. Free almsgiving (Annadhanam) is also done here every day. Thaipusa festival is celebrated grantly in this temple.

Thiruvakkarai Temples
The famous Sivan temple built by the Chola kings is located here. This place is about 30 minutes drive from Cuddalore.

Thiruvahindrapuram Devanathaswamy temple
Thiruvahindrapuram is also known as Thiruvanthipuram, this town is very close to Cuddalore. One of the Vaishnava sites is Devanatha Swamy temple here Famous Devanathaswamy Temple, one of the vaishnava temples is located here.

Sri Bhuvaraha Swamy Temple Srimushnam
It is believed that Srimusham is the place where Lord Vishnu took Kurmavatharam at the famous Bhuvaraha Swamy Temple Srimushnam. This temple can be reached in 45 Mins from Vrudhachalam and from Chidambaram in 1 hour.

Other Tourist Places and Destinations in Cuddalore District

  • Kattu Mannargudi
  • Nellikuppam
  • NLC (Neyveli Lignite Corporation)
  • Porto-Novo
  • Mettukuppam Jyothi Tower
  • Thillai Kali Temple

Cuddalore District Political Map Updated
Cuddalore District Google Map Directions : https://goo.gl/maps/TPP178XyBKtc9XR89