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Nilgiris District

About Nilgiris District and Its History

  • Entitled as the princess of hills, Udhagamandalam, Coonoor, and Kotagiri, a collection of cool hill stations, is a natural gift that is not only for Nilgiris district but also for Tamil Nadu.
  • Nilgiris Hills belong to the Western Ghats. It is located at the three junctions of Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. These are known as the oldest mountain ranges older than the Himalayas. Nilgiris Hills is famous for Tea Cultivation, the first biosphere of India. Tribes like Toda and Kurumba are living their traditional life and culture in the Nilgiris hills.
  • In Ancient Days, Nilgiris Hill Areas were occupied by Todas and Kotas. In 1602, Europeans have discovered these beautiful hill stations. After that European collector John Sullivan informed the British government about these beautiful hill stations and their climate. He has built his first home in this area. Europeans started migrating to this place during summer on those days. Even they shifted their government administrations to these hill stations during the summer season.
  • Kothagiri and Gudalur are the two popular tourist places located near Nilgiris. Accommodation facilities, sightseeing facilities etc. are well arranged by the Tamil Nadu Development Corporation in various fares to suit the tourists visiting Ooty. The train journey from Mettupalayam to Udhagai is an interesting feature for tourists.
  • This district has pharmaceutical manufacturing, factories, meteorological station and power generation station etc. There are about 400 small and big factories including 150 tea factories in this district.

Nilgiris District Complete Details

Nilgiris District Information
Total Area 2545 sq.kms
Total Population 7,35,394
Male Population 3,60,143
Female Population 3,75,251
Population Density 421.97/sq.km.
Average Annual Rainfall 1,960 mm
Climate Condition 20*c Maximum and 10*c Minimum
STD Code 0423
Pin Codes 643***
Nearest Airport Coimbatore International Airport, Coimbatore (105km from Ooty)
Bus Stand Ooty Bus Stand, Ooty
Railway Station Udagamandalam railway station, Ooty
Nilgiris District Court Phone Number, Email id 0423 2443831
Collector Office Phone Number, Email id 0423 2442344, collrnlg@nic.in
District Health Officer Dial Number 0423 2443954, dfwbnlg.tn@nic.in
District Chief Education Office Telephone Number 0423 2443845, ceonilgiris@gmail.com
District Employment Office Number, Email id 0423 2444004, ootydeo@gmail.com
District Revenue Officer Phone Number, Email id 0423 2441233, dronlg@nic.in
District Registrar Office Phone Number, Email id 0423 2444063, droooty@tnreginet.net
District Taluk List 6 Taluks - Nilgiris (Udhagamandalam, Kundah, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Gudalur and Pandalur)
Nilgiris Emergency Helpline Numbers Click Here Nilgiris Emergency Numbers

Nilgiris Famous Tourist Attractions & Places of Interest

Black Thunder - Water Theme Park
Black Thunder Amusement Park is located in the hill camp in a pleasant environment at the foothills of Ooty. There is a variety of fun and games for kids and adults to enjoy. Black Thunder is a must-see for tourists.

The town of Coonoor is 20 kilometers away as you travel uphill towards Ooty. Those who wish to visit Udagamandalam for a few days can stay in Coonoor and visit. There are many places and parks in Coonoor to see and enjoy.

Sim's Park Coonoor
Sims Park, maintained by the Tamil Nadu Department of Horticulture, is located in Coonoor. A sight to behold, the Park is full of eye-catching colorful flowers and gardens. A fruit and vegetable fair held here at the end of Panguni month is noteworthy. There is an entrance fee to enter the park.

Laws Waterfalls Coonoor
Cascading down the beautiful cliffs in dense forest, Laws Falls is about 7 kilometers from Coonoor. It is such a wonderful place for nature lovers that they will not want to move from here.

Lamb's Rock Coonoor
Nestled in a protected forest area, Lamb's rock can be seen from the cliff top and enjoy the magnificent tea plantations and forests. This place is about 7 km from Coonoor.

Bakasura Malai Coonoor
About 12 kilometers from Coonoor, this hill is situated in a beautiful forest environment. There is a fort built by the Sultan on this hill.

Katary Water Falls Coonoor
One of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Ooty is located in Kateri Village. This breathtaking place is about 11 kilometers from Coonoor.

Dolphin's Nose Coonoor
Dolphin Nose Point is located about 13 kilometers from Coonoor. From here you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mettupalayam and the beauty of Catherine Falls in the morning. The snow-clad beauty of nearby Pulimalai is also mind-blowing.

Kotagiri is the second smallest town in the Nilgiris region. This place is about 31 kilometers from Udhagamandalam. The beautiful tea plantations and forests are breathtaking. Kothakari's crystal clear waters and soothing weather are unforgettable. The city is beautifully situated and has various tourist attractions.

Catherine Water Falls view point
The mind-blowing Catherine Falls is about 7 kilometers from Kotagiri. From here you can enjoy the beauty of the tea gardens and the view of Mettupalayam. This waterfall is located in a protected forest area.

Kodanad view point
From the most beautiful Kodanadu view point, you can enjoy the silent flow of the river and the view of the forest areas without blinking an eye. A cloudless morning suited it.

Rangaswamy Peak and Pillar
One can enjoy the view of the forests and surroundings from the highest Rangasamy Peak, about 21 km from Kotagiri. The tallest rock pillar located at this peak is worth a visit.

Government Botanical Garden
A 150-year-old innovative botanical garden that tops Udhagamandalam's highlights. The park has featured in countless Indian movies. The annual flower fair held here in the month of May is very popular. Green grass, multi-colored flowers, trees touching the sky, amazing plants, all this beauty and pleasant coolness.

Ooty Lake
Almost 175 years have passed since the creation of the mind-blowing Ooty Lake. Tourist Enjoy boating on the lake. There are many modern boats here. Located by the lake, Park is full of fun features for kids and adults alike. A short distance from the Botanical Gardens is the Ooty Lake. There is an entrance fee to visit the lake area, separate charges for boat ride, small train etc.

Horse Riding Ooty
A horse race track located in the central part of Udhagamandalam city with a radius of about 2.5 km. Located in the central part of Ooty city with a radius of about 1 km, the racecourse is one of the best in India. Races are held here during the summer season.

Ketti Valley Ooty
Ketti, one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, is located at a distance of about 5 kilometers from Ooty city. From here you can see many small villages and enjoy the beautiful view of Coimbatore.

Kalhatti Falls / Kallathigiri Falls
The Kalhatti Falls, cascading from a height of about 50 meters, is located about 12 kilometers from Uthagai on the road to Mudumalai Sanctuary.

Avalanche Dam Ooty
About 26 kilometers from Udhagamandalam on the way to Melbhavani is Avalanchi Dam. When seen from this place, the surrounding scenery of river and forest will steal your heart. The keiran hills area on the way to Avalanche is also a thrilling destination.

Upper Bhavani Reservoir
Upper Bhavani Dam is located about 21 kilometers from Avalanchi. The sheer peace and beauty of nature is boundless bliss.

Mukurthi National Park
A bird sanctuary is located at Mukkuruthi, about 41 kilometers from Ooty. The beautiful lake here, the rivers and its glassy water is mesmerizing.

Government Museum Ooty
The museum is located on Club Road in Ooty town. Here you can find various objects, sculptures etc. that show the pride of the Nilgiris district. There are also model houses of the Nilgiri tribes.

Doddabetta Peak
Doddabetta, the highest mountain peak in the Nilgiris district, is located above the town of Udhagamandalam. From here you can enjoy the beauty of many mountains and the view of Ooty town. You can also visit pulimalai in between before reaching Doddabetta.

Pykara Waterfalls
Pykara Dam is located about 20 kilometers from Ooty. Hydroelectricity is generated here. Pykara is the largest river in Nilgiri district. It originates in Mukurthi Hill and flows as a waterfall and flows into a river. Enjoy boating in Pykara.

Frog Hill View Point
At a distance of about 20 kilometers from Udhagamandalam, there is Frog Hill View Point. The place got its name because a mountain in the shape of a frog. Beautiful forest areas and Mudumalai Animal Sanctuary can be seen from here.

Mudumalai Sanctuary
The famous Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the junction of three state borders. Here you can enjoy a variety of wild animals while riding an elephant in the vast forest, there is a fee for that. This sanctuary is a must visit for Udhagamandalam visitors and is around 40 km from Ooty city.

Other Tourist Places in Nilgiris District

  • Children's Park
  • Glenmorgen
  • St. Stephen's Church
  • Golf Links
  • Lake – Boat House
  • Stone House


  • Parsons Valley Reservoir
  • Tiger Hill
  • Tea Plantations
  • Pine Forest
  • Avalanche Lake
  • Wenlock Downs
  • Western Catchment


  • Droog


One of the three popular hill stations has been located in Nilgiris.

  • Elk Falls
  • Bikkapathi Reserve
  • Kil-Kothagiri
  • Tea Factories
  • Longwood Forest
  • The Nehru Park
  • Thengumarahada

Gudalur is located on the way from Mysore to Ooty. Gateway to three states – Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

  • Cherambadi
  • Needle Rock
  • Pandalur
  • Numbalakottai Vimalagiri
  • Nelliyalam
  • Hanging Bridges
  • Devala
  • Kunnalady
  • Vimalagiri
  • Genepool Garden
  • Cherangode Swami Malai
  • Singara and Moyar
  • Nellakotta
  • Cherangode
  • Kariyasholai
  • Tree Houses
  • Wax Museum
  • Toda Hut
  • Ooty Mountain Rail

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