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Kallakurichi District

About Kallakurichi District and Its History

  • Kallakurichi district was declared as the 33rd district from Villupuram on 8th January 2019 in the Assembly by honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
  • Kallakurichi district consists of 2 revenue divisions, 6 taluks, and 562 revenue villages.
  • Paddy, Maize, Sugarcane, and Chickpeas are important crops in this agricultural district which is irrigated by rainfall, Gomuki River and Manimuktha dams (Manimuthar) and lake irrigation.
  • Kalrayan Hills (Kalvarayanmalai), spread over an area of 550.70 hectares, are the notable highlights of the district.
  • It is said that the name Kallaikurichi is also inscribed in the Govinda Raja Perumal temple inscription in Kallakurichi and the Perumal temple inscription in Siruvangur village and the name Kallaikurichi is said to have changed to Kallakurichi over time.
  • The archaeology department has recently found 800 years old king Chola period inscription in Thiyagadurgam, Kallakurichi District. Archaeologists declared this district is also a popular historical area.
  • There is a small hill in the middle of Thiagathurugam town and on top of that hill, there is a fort. Hyder Ali keeps this place under his control from AD 1760 and the following year it came under the control of the British and then Tipu Sultan fought for it. Later, when British rule was established, this fort was used as a military base.

Kallakurichi District Complete Details

Kallakurichi District Information
Total Area 3530.58 sq.kms
Total Population 13,77,494
Population Density 480/km2
Average Annual Rainfall 1,070 mm
Climate Condition 38*c Maximum and 21*c Minimum
STD Landline Code 04151
Pin Codes 606***
Nearest Airport Puducherry Airport Pondicherry (116 km from Kallakurichi)
Bus Stand Kallakurichi Bus Stand, Sankarapuram, Kallakurichi
Railway Station Kallakurichi Junction, Vinayaga Nagar, Kallakurichi
Kallakurichi District Court Contact Number
Collector Office Phone Number, Email id 04151 228802, collr-kki@gov.in
District Health Officer Dial Number, Email id 8825479404, dttkkr@gmail.com
District Education Office Telephone Number 04151 225522
District Employment Office Number
Revenue Officer Phone Number, Email id 04151 228800, drokki@gmail.com
Registrar Office Phone Number, Email id 04151 222383, drokallakurichi@tnreginet.net
District Taluk List 6 Taluks (Kallakkurichi, Sankarapuram, Chinnasalem,
Ulundurpet, Tirukkovilur and Kalvarayan Hills)
Head Post Office Phone Number 04151 222441
Kallakurichi Emergency Helpline Numbers Click Here Kallakurichi Emergency Numbers

Kallakurichi Famous Tourist Attractions & Places of Interest

Kalvarayan Hills
The Kalvarayan Hills are part of the Eastern Ghats range. Along with Pachamalai, Javvadu Hills, and Servarayan Hills, they form the boundary separating the Cauvery river basin from the Palar basin. The northern part of Kalvarayan Hill is referred to as 'Chinna Kalvarayan' and the southern part of Kalvarayan Hill is referred to as 'Periya Kalvarayan'. The Chinna Kalvarayan hills have an average height of 2700 feet and the Periya Kalvarayan hills have an average height of 4000 feet. Megam Falls, Periyar Falls, Gomukhi Dam, Boating House, Valley view spot, and Sirakulur Falls are the places to visit in Kalvarayan Hills.

Thiyagadurgam Fort
Thiyagadurgam Malaikottai is about 65 km from Villupuram district. It is located in a town called Thiyagadurgam in the west. Located on the hill, this fort is built at a height of 400 feet so that the beauty of the town can be seen from the mountain fort. On the western side of the fort lies the Arugar cave temple between the hills. There is a well in the mountain fort so that the sun does not see it. Bunkers and lotus ponds at many places in this fort amaze the onlookers. The fort has granaries, and stables for animals such as horses and elephants that have not disappeared even today.

Other Tourist Places and Destinations in Kallakurichi District

  • Thirukkoilur Ulagalanda Perumal
  • Thirunarungondai
  • Melnaariyappanoor Church
  • Lord Siva Temple Pasar Hills
  • Sri Veeratteswarar Koil Thirukkoilur
  • Aadhi Thiruvarangam Kallakurichi
  • Sri Chidambareswarar Temple Kattuedaiyar
  • Sri Arthanareeswarar Temple Rishivandiyam
  • Sri Subramanyaswamy Temple Pasar hills
  • Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Pasar hills

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