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Thanjavur District

About Thanjavur District and Its History

  • Thanjavur city is the headquarters of Thanjavur District in Tamilnadu. This district is located on the bank of river Kaveri.
  • This district is famously known as "The Rice Bowl of Tamilnadu" in Tamilnadu. The District is famous for bronze icons, Art Plates, Tanjore Paintings, Pith-work, Ornamental Fans, Mats, Handloom Silks, and Cotton Sarees.
  • The name "Thanjavur" came to this city after Sri Anandavalli Amman Killed the demon "Tanjan". For Long period, this district was ruled by Cholas. After Cholas, it was ruled by Mutharayars, Marathas, and Vijayanagara Nayaks.
  • It has innumerable features to the extent that the glory of the country of Tanjore can be written in a big book. It was not only a storehouse for paddy but also a storehouse of arts. Baratham and Veena were born in Tanjore.
  • Thanjavur, which blessed Appar, Sundarar, and Sambandhar for spirituality, today is proud to have given Dr. Kalaignar to politics, Amarar Shivaji to Cinema and Pattukottai Kalyana Sundaram. Great emperor Raja Rajan is the most famous of Tanjore rulers. The great temple built during his reign is considered one of the world's great art treasures.
  • Tanjore district is home to many famous shrines which bear witness to Tanjore's tireless cultivation of spirituality and the arts. It is rumored that during the reign of the Nayaka kings of Thanjavur, many well-known Tamil texts were converted into Telugu and destroyed.
  • Karunamirdha Sagaram, written by music scholar Abraham Pandithar, is one of the many jewels in the crown of Tanjore Arts, a testament to the fact that the most learned legends in Tamil arts lived in Tanjore.
  • Tanjore soil is proud to have given Tamil many creators like Janakiraman, N. Pichamoorthy, M.V. Venkatram T.S.Raju and G.M.L.Prakash to the modern world of literature.

Thanjavur District Complete Details

Thanjavur District Information
Total Area 339923.26 Sq.Kms
Total Population 24,05,890
Male Population 11,82,416
Female Population 12,23,474
Population Density 705/sq.km.
Average Annual Rainfall 1053 mm
Climate Condition 31*c Maximum and 25*c Minimum
STD Code 04362
Pin Codes 613***
Nearest Airport Tiruchirappalli Airport, Trichy (61 km away from Tiruchirappalli)
Railway Station Thanjavur Junction, Shivaji Nagar, Tanjore
Bus Stand Thanjavur New Bus Stand, Cauvery Nagar, Tanjore
Thanjavur District Court Phone Number, Email id 04362 271833, tnj.pdc-tn@indiancourts.nic.in
District Collector Office Phone Number, Email id 04362 230102, collrtnj@nic.in
District Health Officer Dial Number, Email id 04362 230019, 9444982679
District Chief Education Office Telephone Number, Email id 04362 237096, 9788858970, ceotnj@nic.in
District Employment Office Number, Email id 04362 237037
District Revenue Officer Phone Number, Email id 04362 277694, dro.tntnj@nic.in
District Registrar Office Phone Number, Email id 04362 224716, drothanjavur@tnreginet.net
District Taluk List 9 Taluks - Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Papanasam, Pattukottai, Peravurani,
Orathanadu, Thiruvidaimarudur, Thiruvaiyaru and Budalur
District Head Post Office Phone Number 04362 231022
Thanjavur Emergency Helpline Numbers Click Here Thanjavur Emergency Numbers

Thanjavur Famous Tourist Attractions & Places of Interest

Brihadeeswara Temple Thanjavur
This temple, which is the capital of Tanjore, is located almost in the urban area. Great King Raja Raja Cholan started the construction work of this Brihadeeswarar temple in 1003 AD and it was completed in about 7 years. It also has the name Raja Rajechuram. The 216-feet-tall grand temple is awe-inspiring with its magnificent sculptures, colorful paintings inside the temple, and the 12-feet tall Nandhi carved out of a single stone. The temple is about 10 minute walk from the old bus stand. A special program of music and dance is held here on 2nd and 4th Saturdays.

Rajarajan Manimandapam
In 1996, this hall was built to commemorate the meeting of the World Tamil Conference in Thanjavur. This manimandapam is Located near Ramanathan Hospital with a beautiful small park.

Sivaganga Park
The park is located adjacent to the Brihadeeswara temple. Sivagangai Park, which is a major entertainment destination not only for tourists but also for the people of Tanjore, has many features to enjoy from kids to adults. Transforming the luxuriant space into a more special and smaller zoo would greatly entertain visitors and increase revenue.

Thanjavur Maratha Palace
Many of the structures, including the tiered palaces built by the Nayak and Maratha kings of Tanjore, have fallen into disrepair and have been removed. The remaining Durbar Mahal is worth a visit. The palace is located near the old bus stand, Tanjore.

Saraswathi Mahal Library
The Saraswati Mahal Library located in the palace complex was established around 300 years ago. About 44,000 Palm-leaf manuscripts, including many known Palm-leaf manuscripts from the Sangam period, have been preserved here. It is noteworthy that there are thousands of books published internationally.

Here you can see a lot of artifacts including ancient war tools, accessories, various items used during the Saraboji era. The museum is located within the palace complex.

Tanjore Art Gallery
A number of ancient artefacts are on display, including various ornaments and statues with artistic grace and craftsmanship. This too is in the palace complex.

Tamil University
Tamil University was established in 1981 by the late Chief Minister Makkal Thilagam MGR. It is noteworthy that the siddha treatment research of this university located at a distance of about 2 kilometers from Tanjore New Bus Station on Trichy Road is very good.

Kamatchiamman Temple
This amman temple is very popular, Located on the melaveedhi at a minute's walk from Sivagangai Park. It is noteworthy that during the festival of Navaratri, the Kolu and Aradhana events held in this temple are celebrated in a very special way.

Mariamman Kovil Punnainallur
The temple is located about 5 kilometers from Thanjavur on the road to Nagapattinam. It also has the name Punnainallur. The Theppa Utsavam, which is held here every year, is conducted in a very grand manner. Muthu Palakku Festival is also an important festival celebrated in conjunction with it.

Thiruvaiyaru, where one of the luminaries of the Carnatic music world, Tyagaraja, lived and died, is famous for the annual Tyagaraja Utsavam held here in January to honor his memory. Similarly, the Saptastanam festival held here and the grand fireworks display that time are very famous.
The annual music festival organized by the thamizhisai mandram established in Thiruvaiyaru is also worth mentioning. Pancha Natheeswarar Temple here is a place of fame. The main god is also known as Aiyarappar. The place is situated on the banks of Kaveri, 13 kilometers from Thanjavur Old Bus Stand.

Thanjapureeswarar Shiva Temple
This temple is located at Vennatrangarai on the road from Tanjore to Thiruvaiyaru. This temple is 3 Kms from Old Bus stand.

One of the 6 Arupadai houses where Subbaiyan (murugan) sat who taught his father (lord shiva) was located on the way from Tanjore to Kumbakonam. Swamimalai is famous for making idols and metal art objects. Kumbakonam is 8 km from here. A special decorative ceremony is held here on Thursdays.

Suriyanar Koil Kumbakonam
Kathiravan has risen as the main god of this place. Thiruvidaimaruthur is 17 kilometers from Kumbakonam. Sri Mahalingaswami Kovil here is beautifully and spaciously constructed. Varaguna Pandian is said to have come and worshiped here.

One of the most proud of the hymns received. Durgai Amman temple here is very famous. This place is at a distance of 8 km from Kumbakonam.

Dharasuram Temple
The famous Airavatesvara Temple is located here. It is also known as Rajarajesvaram because it was built by Raja Raja Chola II. Located at a distance of 2 km from Kumbakonam.

The temple here is similar to the Tanjore Brihadeeswara temple. This ancient place is famous for silk sarees. This temple is 6 km away from kumbakonam.

Arulmigu Sri Oppiliappan Temple
The main god here is called as Srinivasan. It is one of the famous 108 Vaishnava temples. Salt is not added to the prasadham offered at this place where the Moolavar is seen along with Goddess Bhumadevi. The temple is located at a distance of 7 km from Kumbakonam.

It is one of the 6 temples that are worshiped equally with kasi. Sri Vanchinathar Temple is located about 3 kilometers from Kumbakonam.

Kallanai Dam
Karikala Cholan built this bridge near Thirukkattupalli in Tanjore district. The beautiful park and dam are worth a visit. From Tanjore you can go via Budalur or Thirukkattupalli to reach this dam.

Poondi Madha Basilica Churuch
This Catholic Church is located at Alamelupuram Poondi, 17 km from Thirukkattupalli and was built in the 19th century. The annual festival held here is very popular.

Kumbakonam is the second largest city in Tanjore district. Athi Kumbeshvarar Temple here is an ancient and famous shrine. Built in the 16th century, the temple is spread over an area of ​​more than 30,000 square feet.

Nageswaran Sannathi Kumbakonam
Beautifully built near Kumbakonam Old Bus Stand, this temple is filled with exquisite sculptures. It is amazing that the sanctum sanctorum (karuvarai) is set to receive sunlight only during the month of Chithirai.

Arulmigu Chakrapani Swami Temple Kumbakonam
This is one of the most famous Vaishnava temples in Kumbakonam. The sannadhis of Panchamuga Anjaneyar, Vijayavalli Amman, and Vinayagar are notable in this temple near the Kaveri river. The temple is situated on the north side of the Periya Kadai Theru, Kumbakonam.

Sarangapani Temple Kumbakonam
An ancient and beautiful temple built in the 16th century. Temple looks majestic with a 150 feet high Rajagopuram. This Vaishnava temple is considered as one of the divine shrines of Tirumal. The sanctum sanctorum (karuvarai) and vimanam here are designed to attract attention of devotees.

Ramaswamy Temple Kumbakonam
The ancient and beautiful temple is admirable for its mythological depictions of sculptures and color paintings depicting scenes from the Ramayana. This temple is located near the Uchi Pillaiyar Temple Kumbakonam.

Someswaran Temple Kumbakonam
This temple, which is seen with the highest sculptures, is located near the Sarangapani temple Kumbakonam. Apart from the main god, there is also a shrine (sannadhi) of Amman and Murugan here.

Mahamaham Festival Kumbakonam
It is at the Thirukulam of the Adhi Kubeswarar Temple that the Mahamaga Neeradal festival takes place once in 12 years. It is believed that taking a bath in the Mahamaham kulam will get rid of sin and lead to heaven.

Other Tourist Places in Thanjavur District

  • Kailasanatha Swamy Temple
  • Puliyur Vyagrapureeswarar Temple
  • Sarabeshwarar Temple
  • Schwartz Church
  • Thanjavur Royal Palace
  • Thalaiyatti Bommai
  • Tiruvalanchuzhil Temple
  • Garbharakshambigai Temple
  • Ramasamy Temple
  • Vasishteswaraswamy Temple – Thittai

Kumbakonam city is located 40km from Thanjavur and headquarters of Kumbakonam Taluk. This city is popularly known as "Temple Town".

  • Airavatesvara Temple – Darasuram
  • Adi Kumbeswarar Temple
  • Sri Agneeswara Swami Temple – Kanjanoor
  • Thirumanjeri Temple
  • Sri Bodhendra Saraswati Swamigal (Athistanam)
  • Sri Uthvaganatha Swami Temple, Thirumanjeri
  • Degree Coffee
  • Swamimalai Bronze Casting

This town is located 8 km from Thanjavur.

  • Eminent Personalities
  • Manora Tower (Fort)
  • Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram Mani Mandapam
  • Nadiyamman Kovil

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