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Tenkasi District

Tenkasi District

About Tenkasi District and Its History

  • Tenkasi district was created as a separate district from Tirunelveli district as per Government Order No. 427 dated 12.11.2019 of the Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • Tenkasi district is bordered by Tirunelveli in the south, Virudhunagar in the north, Thoothukudi in the east and Kerala in the west.
  • The famous Kasi Vishwanathar Temple is located in the main central part of the district. Sankarankoil, Pottalpudur Dargah, and Shri Ilanji Kumarar Kovil are historical holy places here.
  • The prosperous agriculture of the district is due to irrigation water from the Sitraru and Hanuman river. Also Gundaru, Adavi Nainar, Karuppanadhi, and Ramanathidams are also used extensively for irrigation.
  • Tenkasi district has more than 800 villages. More than 65% of the population is engaged in agriculture and agro-based industries.
  • Lord Shiva appeared in the dream of King Parakrama Pandyan, who once ruled tenkasi, and some of my devotees in the south, while on pilgrimage to Kasi in the north, die before reaching Kasi. So he ordered him to build Tenkasi Gopuram in the south to get my grace. Tenkasi Gopuram was built by King Parakrama Pandyan after accepting it. This town is also called Tenkasi after this temple.
  • Business in Tenkasi is booming. There are many traditional dress showrooms and famous restaurants are found here. Also, All kinds of business like jewelry shops and supermarkets are going on.

Tenkasi District Complete Details

Tenkasi District Information
Total Area 2,916.13 sq.kms
Total Population 1,384,937
Population Density 470/sq.km
Average Annual Rainfall 1184.3 mm
Climate Condition 35*c Maximum and 12*c Minimum
STD Landline Code 04633
Pin Codes 627***
Nearest Airport Trivandrum International Airport (68.16 km from Tenkasi)
Bus Stand Tenkasi Main Bus Station, Tenkasi
Railway Station Tenkasi Junction, Railway Feeder Road, Tenkasi
Tenkasi District Court Contact Number
Collector Office Phone Number, Email id 04633 290547, collr-tks@gov.in
District Health Officer Dial Number, Email id
District Education Office Telephone Number 04633 280882, deotki@nic.in
District Employment Office Number 04633 213179
Revenue Officer Phone Number, Email id 04633 290546
Registrar Office Phone Number, Email id 04633 280048, drotenkasi@tnreginet.net
District Taluk List 6 Taluks (Alangulam, Tenkasi, Shenkottai,
Sivagiri, Sankarankovil, Veerakeralamputhur)
Head Post Office Phone Number 04633 222329
Tenkasi Emergency Helpline Numbers Click Here Tenkasi Emergency Numbers

Tenkasi Famous Tourist Attractions & Places of Interest

Kasi Viswanathar Temple Tenkasi
Kasi Vishwanathar Temple is very ancient and is located in Tenkasi region, about 55 kilometer from Tirunelveli. This temple was built about 500 years ago by the Pandya king. This temple stands majestically with a 172 feet tall tower, also Known as the Kasi of the South. This very spacious temple is full of beautiful sculptures.

Courtallam / Kutralam Falls
Kutralam is about 6 km from Tenkasi and 58 km from Tirunelveli. Many waterfalls flow from the mind-blowing Kutralam Hills, famous among them is the main waterfall. Enjoying a bath here will be an unforgettable experience. After that you can in aintharuvi waterfalls and enjoy. Near the main waterfall is the Kutralanathar temple. It is the oldest and was built by the Pandya, Chola kings.

Thirumalai Kumaraswamy Temple Panpoli
Lord Murugan in this temple is known as 'Thirumalai Kumaraswamy' or 'Thirumalai Murugan'. This temple is the nakshatra temple of people born under Visakha Nakshatra. Most people in this region have the name 'Thirumalai' because of the name of the nobles. Within this temple there is another deity temple called 'Thirumalai Kali Amman'. This hill temple is surrounded by many coconut plantations and small villages. Until recently, the only way devotees could reach the temple was by walking. The temple is famous for its numerous steps (624). Recently, a road has been constructed which enables people to reach the temple by two and four wheelers.

Pulithevar Palace
Maaveran Pulithevan was the first to raise war against British imperialism. Born in 1715, Pulithevan started the freedom struggle in 1755 by refusing to pay taxes to the British commander Aaron. He continued to fight with the British and made them turn away. The British army surrounded such a hero while he was worshiping his favorite deity at Sankaran Koil. But he too went into a cave there. No entanglement with enemies, don't know what happened. A memorial has been set up for this hero in Sivagiri taluk at Nelkattumseval.

Other Tourist Places and Destinations in Tenkasi District

  • Sankara Narayana Swamy Temple Sankaran Kovil
  • Ramanathi River and Dam
  • Gadananathi or Kadana Nathi Dam
  • Gundar Reservoir Senkottai
  • Gomathi Amman Temple
  • Shenbaga Devi Amman Kovil Melagaram
  • Shenbaga Devi Waterfalls

Tenkasi District Political Map Directions :
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