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Tamilnadu Population

Get Information about Tamilnadu Population. For District wise population, please click the districts name in the right side of the website. The population of Tamil Nadu has increased by 97 lakhs in the last 10 years, with 23 lakhs in rural areas, and 74 lakhs in urban areas. As per the census taken in the year 2011, Tamil Nadu's total population is

  • Total Tamil Nadu Population - 7,21,47,030
  • Male Population - 3,61,37,975
  • Female Population - 3,60,09,055
  • Urban Population - 3,49,17,440
  • Rural Population - 3,72,29,590
  • Total Population Growth Rate - 15.6%
  • Tamilnadu Literacy Rate - 80.1%
  • Male Literacy Rate - 86.8%
  • Female Literacy Rate - 73.4%
  • Tamilnadu Population Density - 555 people/sq.km

About Tamil Nadu, India and World's Population

Tamil Nadu's population has doubled in 50 years. The world's population, which had been growing very slowly until the beginning of the 20th century, then began to increase rapidly.

On July 11, 1987, the world population reached 5 billion. Since then, July 11 is celebrated as World Population Day.

The first census of India was conducted in 1872. Since 1881, a census has been taken every 10 years.

India's population increased from 20 crores to 100 crores over the century and the world population from 165 crores to 600 crores. In 2011, the world's population raised to 700 million and is now reaching 800 million.

Although the population is increasing, the population growth (birth rate) has been significantly limited. The world population growth rate was 1.14 percent by 2016, 1.12 percent by 2017, and 1.09 percent by 2018. Population growth is expected to fall to 1 percent by 2023.

Similarly, the population of Tamil Nadu in 1901 was 1.92 crore. Then, In 1951, the population is 3.01 crores, in 1961, the population is 3.3 crores, 22.3 percent increase in the period 1960 to 1970, and 4.11 crores in 1971. Thereafter, population growth was partially controlled by intensive family planning programs, reaching 4.8 crores in 1981.

Subsequently, the population of Tamil Nadu, which was 5.5 crore in 1991, 6.24 crore in 2001, and 7.24 crore in 2011, is now estimated to be over 8 crores.

The population of Tamil Nadu has increased by 97 lakhs in the last 10 years, 23 lakhs in rural areas, and 74 lakhs in urban areas.

In terms of population, Chennai ranks first with 46,46,732 and Perambalur ranks last with 5,65,223. Kanchipuram ranks first and Nilgiris ranks last in terms of population growth. Chennai ranks first in population density with 26,553 per square kilometer and Nilgiris ranks last with 287. The Nilgiris ranked first with 1,042 females per 1,000 males and Dharmapuri ranked last with 946 females.