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Pudukkottai District

About Pudukkottai District and Its History

  • Pudukkottai town is the district headquarters of Pudukkottai district in Tamilnadu. Pudukkottai district was separated from two districts Tiruchirapalli and Thanjavur in the year 1974.
  • Pudukkottai district is famous for many Ancient Temples and architecture. Also, this district is popular for Archaeological and Tamil Culture heritage, which we can see in areas like Kodumbalur, Narthamalai, Kudumianmalai, Kunnandarkoil, Sittannavasal, Thirumayam, and Avudaiyarkoil. The famous Tamil Actor Gemini Ganesan was born in Pudukkottai district.
  • It is one of the driest areas in Tamil Nadu. There are not many job opportunities in this district as there are no big industries. Straight streets and shopping street are the special features of Pudukottai city. Pudukottai is the only biggest town in this district.
  • Pudukkottai was ruled by many great emperors like the Pandya Kingdom, Cholas, Pallavas, Hoysalas, and Vijayanagara Empires. Also, it was ruled by Madurai Nayaks from the 16th to 17th century. Many Historians, Anthropologists, Archaeologists, and Art Lovers have been highly interested in this district, because of dolmens, stone circles, and megalithic burials.

Pudukkottai District Complete Details

Pudukkottai District Information
Total Area 4,663 sq.kms
Total Population 16,18,345
Male Population 8,03,188
Female Population 8,15,157
Population Density 350/sq.km.
Average Annual Rainfall 821 mm
Climate Condition 40.9*c Maximum and 17.8*c Minimum
STD Code 04322
Pin Codes 622***
Nearest Airport Tiruchirappalli International Airport, Trichy (44 km from Pudukkottai)
Railway Station Pudukkottai railway station, Nainar Colony, Kavinad West
Bus Stand Pudukkottai Bus Stand S.O, Pudukkottai
Pudukkottai District Court Phone Number, Email id 04322 221695, pdkt.pdc-tn@indiancourts.nic.in
District Collector Office Phone Number, Email id 04322 221663, 9444181000, collrpdk@nic.in
District Health Officer Dial Number, Email id 04322 221733, dphpdk@tn.nic.in
District Chief Education Office Telephone Number, Email id 04322 222180, ceopdk@gmail.com
District Employment Office Number, Email id 04322 222287, deo.pki@gmail.com
District Revenue Officer Phone Number, Email id 04322 222219, rdopdkt222219@gmail.com
District Registrar Office Phone Number, Email id 04322 221693, dropudukottai@tnreginet.net
District Taluk List 9 Taluks - Kulathur, Illuppur, Gandarvakottai, Alangudi, Thirumayam, Aranthangi, Pudukkottai, Avudaiyrakoil and Manamelkudi
Head Post Office Phone Number 04322 221280
Pudukkottai Emergency Helpline Numbers Click Here Pudukkottai Emergency Numbers

Pudukkottai Famous Tourist Attractions & Places of Interest

Sri Bhuvaneshwari Amman Temple Pudukkottai
Bhubaneswari Amman Temple is located in the heart of Pudukottai city's main commercial area. Devotees come and go from neighboring towns to this temple which is very famous in this place.

Government Museum
The Government Museum is located at Thirukokarnam, about 6 kilometers from Pudukottai city. Various species are studied and exhibited here. Ancient documents, artefacts, sculptures, etc. are also on display in abundance. Admission 9 AM to 5 PM, Fridays holiday.

About 15 kilometers from Pudukottai is Sithanavasal on the way to Viralimalai. The cave temple here preserves 19 centuries of ancient wall paintings. They are similar to Ajanta painting style. There are various paintings of people, animals, flowers, dance scenes. There are also many colorful paintings on the roof of the Arthamandapam here.

Thirumeyam is called as Thirumayam. This town is about 20 kilometers away from Pudukottai, on the way to Madurai. The fort here is situated in a complex of about 41 acres. It is a historic building built in the late 16th century. One of its special features is its circular shape. There is a Shiva temple on the hill here. At the base are beautifully carved Shiva and Vishnu umbrella temples.

Pudukkottai Palace
This palace was built by King Raghunath Thondaiman Pallavaraya of Pudukottai, 1 km away from the new bus stand. The district collector's office and the government's office are currently functioning in the fort, which is visible in a very large complex.

Shri Bragathambal Temple Thirukkokarnam
Kokarneswarar Temple, Kudaiwara temple in Thirukkokarnam, where the museum is located, is ancient and beautiful. The moolavar here resides with Bragathambal Amman.

Kattubhava Pallivasal Thirumayam
This Masjid is about 28 kilometers from Pudukkottai near Thirumayam. Not only the Muslims of this district but also other religions come here to worship.

Periyanayagi Madha Shrine Avur
Aaur is about 30 kilometers from Pudukottai. There is a beautiful church built here in the 15th century. It is known that the famous Tamil scholar Veeramamunivar stayed in this temple for some time. The annual sapara festival held here is very popular.

Kudumiyanmalai Temple Pudukkottai
This hill is about 22 km from Pudukottai. The Siva temple here is very ancient. The beauty of the Shivalayam shows the merits of the art of sculpture. The Tamil Nadu Department of Horticulture and Agriculture Farm and Research Center is located on Kudumiyanmalai Hill.

About 41 kilometers from Pudukottai, near Aranthangi is the Avudaiyarkoil temple. This temple is more than 1600 years old. The main god here is called Aathma Natheswarar. A must-see for everyone is the Avudaiyarkoil Temple, which is the epitome of sculptural grammar.

Kodumbalur is about 37 kilometers from Pudukottai. This place is also known as Muvalur Temple. The temples built here about 1000 years ago are an amazing display of Tamil Nadu's artistic skill.

A temple of Lord Murugan is built on a small hill on Kumara Hill, 11 km from Pudukottai.

Vendanpatti is about 41 kilometers from Pudukottai. It is noteworthy that ghee abhishekam is performed daily in the beautiful Shiva Thalam here. Moolavar Sokeswarar is seen with Meenakshi in this temple.

This hill is located about 16 kilometers from Pudukottai on the way to Trichy. The Mutharaiyas built stone temples at this historically important place. A cave temple was also built here by Vijayalaya Cholan. Once Jain sages (samana munivargal) were lived here. The Poochoryil festival held annually at Narthamalai is the most famous of the district. There is also a dargah in Narthamalai.

Arulmigu Viralimalai Murugan Temple
Viralimalai is about 38 kilometers from Pudukottai. A temple of lord murugan is built on a small hill here. This place is more than 500 years old. Panguni Uttaram and Kathigai festivals are held very well in this temple.

Other Tourist Places in Pudukkottai District

  • Adhanakkottai
  • Aranthangi
  • Avur
  • Kaliyappatti
  • Kiranur
  • Kizhanilai
  • Manamelkudi
  • Kumaramalai
  • Kunnandarkovil
  • Madattukoil
  • Malayadippatti
  • Sri Kokarneswarar Temple
  • Muchukundesvara Temple
  • Peraiyur
  • Vishnu Temple in Fort
  • Thirukkattalai
  • Thiruvarangulam
  • Thiruvengaivasal

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